Adding heated steering wheel

I have a 2014 Ford Explorer where I’ve added the heated steering wheel module as well as the climate controlled seat module. The climate controlled seats work fine from Sync 3.4 (22052) for both heated and cooled seats. However, the heated steering wheel icon on Sync 3 does nothing and the HSW is stuck on ‘Low’. I’m unable to find a way to turn off the HSW as the only option is Sync 3 since I don’t have any hardware controls.

Would anyone have any idea what settings I need to change. I’ve changed the APIM to have HSW enabled, I’ve also changed the IPC to have HSW enabled for remote start. Happy to post any as builts as needed.

What’s the part number on the HSW module? I am thinking the one you got is too new and for a CGEA 1.3 Explorer(16+).

A 2014 is a CGEA 1.2 network and needs a different HSW module. I know this because I made that mistake on my 2015 and this behavior is very similar to mine except mine was stuck on high.

Good call. I definitely bought a CGEA 1.3 module.

I feel your pain. Thankfully the wiring is the same so the hard part is done.

Any chance you can post what firmware you have on the older model? I believe I need the BU5T part. I might try flashing to see what happens. I don’t really care if I brick it.

Here is what I have…

Thank you!

Flashing the firmware on the new part (DG9T) of the BU5T calibration levels you provided worked. I can now control the heated steering wheel.

Thats really good to know! @F150Chief well need to make note that this works. Wonder if it works the other direction.

My guess is the hardware is likely the same but the firmware is different due to CGEA 1.2 vs 1.3.

With that assumption, it should work I just don’t have a way to try it. It’s also probably not super useful since this module is pretty cheap… I’m just happy I don’t have to rip the dash apart.

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