Alternative way to update

Hello im Manos from Greeece.My current Sync Version is 3.4 21020 and i want to update ot the latest version.Isnt there an alternative way to update to the latest version? Thanks in advance.

Find the files online, cyanlabs won’t support any 3rd party file sources.

From Ford offical site?

Currently ford servers do not allow downloading of the files. That is why syn3updater fails to download them. You can either google and download the files from alternative sources, or, wait for Ford to fix the issue. Most probably the block is temporary, so i would wait a few days.

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I dont know any alternative sources so i ll have to wait for Ford to fix this issue. I cant do anything else.

Yep, unless you can get the files from some where, you will have to wait to see what happens with Ford’s servers.

Since there’s nothing else to do, I’m setting an autoclosure for this thread.


@MANOS_MARGARONIS , it seems Ford solved the issue, so try again.

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Thank you!!!

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