Andriod Auto App

Hey team, I have an issue with my andriod auto app, when I have my phone connected everything connects up great apps show up on screen, map shows up as well, but as I am driving for the first 10 secs everything is fine but after that the map just spins as I am driving, can someone tell me how to fix it…my system is the SYNC 3.4.21265

Sounds like power management on your phone, it would be a good idea to say what phone and os version you have.

What navigation app and phone are you using?
Google Maps should use the car’s GPS signal.
Does this happen with all clients?

no it only happens when I connect my phone to android auto, my phone is an andriod Galaxy S20 FE 5G and the map that shows is the Google map, but my navigation system is the vehicle works just fine, is there a way to check my GPS connection…

Pretty sure there are known issues with Samsung phones and android auto. Doubt this is ford specific. Make sure you are on the latest version of Android auto

Not sure on your phone model, but on mine Google Maps does not use the phone’s GPS signal, but the car’s. How do I know?, the location services icon is not present at the task bar, if I use Waze the icon appears. You can check that as well in your phone.

Try using a different phone to confirm if it’s specific to your model.

Thanks again guys, you guys are the best, before I join this site I knew nothing about Sync, but I have learned so very much from you guys, thank you so much…

So i can’t find anything with your specific issue but there are plenty of issues relating to Samsung and Android Auto, usually due to power management, samsung being one of the worst.

Like Sandman said, it should use the car GPS not the phone GPS.

Additionally you can test satellite strength in the Testing menu, which can be access on SYNC by pressing and holding both FWD on the Steering Wheel and FWD on the control panel at the same time for about 8 seconds… some cars entry method is different.

I’m closing this thread since we didn’t hear back from you in a week and this issue does not seem to be Sync3 related.