Android-Auto sound not working on Google map

Hello, does anybody know how to fix the sound on Google map when giving directions on Android? Sound works fine via Spotify and phone.
If I’m listening to the radio, when google map is telling me to turn left, the music volume goes down.
I found few posts related to android, but I can’t find anything related to my issue. There is a post (Android Auto Issue Sync 3.4) but the person that posted the issue said that his ebay vendor fixed the issue using Fordscan. Thanks

Maybe @SaNdMaN knows?

That’s normal behavior.
Sound is lowered while an instruction is given so that you can clearly hear that. If that can be changed, I do not know how nor why someone would want to deactivate that.

If your issue is that volume is not “restored” once the instruction is over, that’s not normal, but I’m not sure if there’s a setting for that.

I do not use Spotify that much, and usually I do not set Google Maps to vocalize instructions.

Edit: I’ve experienced this issue today, since I activated voice instructions on Google Maps. What I’ve found is that sometimes the volume won’t go back up after the instruction ends. But it will do that the next instruction.

Seems an AA, Google Maps or Android bug.

Thanks Sandman. The reason I like the vocal in Google Maps is the advice on accidents, recommended routes, police ahead, item in the road warnings, and other warnings. I also think it is an android bug since iPhones works fine, but I’m an android user forever. If I find any workaround or fix, I’ll post it here.
Thanks again

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