APIM EU Replacement

hope someone can help me.
I´m trying to see what is the best apim to buy, to replace my old HS7T series. This apim is from a early 2017 Focus, model HS7T-14G370-FAD, and the main reason to replace it is to have the radio logos enabled and dab+ working. What is the best version to buy? 1u5t? 3u5t? 4u5t? or 5u5t?

If you have the option to do a calibration update, the H series should be safe to do so and can gain those features. This thread goes into that in more detail: Updating APIM Firmware (Calibration Files) - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community

If this is not an option, hopefully someone can chime in on what models SHOULD have the appropriate calibration levels, though fair warning a given APIM part # is not guaranteed to have a certain calibration level so you may be back at square one.

I have already done that with Forscan. Now it´s on calibration level JS7T, the next level after the HS7T. I have done the firmware update to MY18.5 also, to install the FMods tools, like video player.

Is this one a good choice?? for example…
SYNC 3 APIM Ford Focus module | opuradio

That is equivalent to what you have now. For the options you want and will find out you want when you upgrade, you will need at least the 3U5T (J***) of 4U5T (K***) APIM’s. Don’t bother with the 5U5T, those are MY20.

Thank you for the input.
But those Apim´s are for 10inch displays on focus mk4, fiesta mk8, ect…
Will they work ok on 8inch display? That´s my main doubt…
I have read somewhere (i think on Forscan forum) that the apim must be replaced with the same size display match.

The Sync 4 APIM’s are the ones that are screen size specific. Sync 3 APIMs should work with any available screen size, just needs the proper AsBuilt config to tell it the proper screen size/theme to use.

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This ^.

Ok. got it.
So the Sync 4 apim is for screen size of 12inch, and screen size specific.
Sync 3 works with any screen size, just setting it in module configuration.
Thank you guys.

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