APIM Firmware Flash Order and Region Information

APIM Firmware Flash Order and Region Information

This is the correct order to flash the APIM firmware:

GB5T-14G376-AA.vbf (Secondary Boot Loader) //Mandatory
xxxx-14G374-**.vbf (Direct Config Configuration/Strategy (F188)) //Mandatory
xxxx-14G375-**.vbf (ECU Calibration (F124)) //Mandatory
xxxx-14G379-**.vbf (ECU Configuration/Sound Profiles (F10A)) //optional
xxxx-14G379-**.vbf (ECU Configuration/Illumination Strategy (F16B)) //optional

FOR EU APIM’s, all files must be flashed at once.
FOR NA (US) APIM’s, only the xxxx-14G374-xx and xxxx-14G375-xx files need to be flashed.

These are the correct 14G375 files for each region:

xxxx-14G375-A*.vbf 8GB / 16GB EU without NAV
xxxx-14G375-B*.vbf 8GB / 16GB NA without NAV
xxxx-14G375-C*.vbf 8GB / 16GB ROW without NAV
xxxx-14G375-D*.vbf 32GB NA with NAV (Telenav)
xxxx-14G375-E*.vbf 32GB CHINA with NAV (Telenav)
xxxx-14G375-F*.vbf 32GB ANY region with NAV (US Export vehicles) (Telenav)
xxxx-14G375-G*.vbf 32GB ROW with NAV (NNG)
xxxx-14G375-H*.vbf 64GB EU with NAV (Telenav)
xxxx-14G375-J*.vbf 32GB TURKEY with NAV (Telenav)
xxxx-14G375-K*.vbf 32GB UAE with NAV (NNG)

xxxx = The prefix changes based on calibration version.
** = The suffix changes based on file version.

Thanks to AuRoN89 for the info.