APIM memory question

Great job on all your work, I upgraded to 3.4 flawlessly from 3.0

is there a way to figure out how much memory is left on my APIM? Forscan?

i wanted to see if in theory, it might be possible to load one or two of the map files by manually editing the txt files to include the files in my area. first i would need to figure out how much memory was available on my APIM and also an idea how to find out what locations each map file contains.

what would be procedure for going back to non nav version if i ran out of memory trying to load map files? would it allow mem just to reboot with non nav version usb?

thanks again…

If you have a non nav variant you can no do what you are wanting to do.

thanks so much for the quick response. i have very little knowledge of the system so i appreciate your responses and your continued work .

i noticed that i do have sat fix so i have gps. i have seen in the forum that nav units have 32gb of ram and NA map and app package is only 12gb.

if my unit has gps and 8gb, i was hoping that i could compile a limited map install package with a .txt mod that would only install my local map file, that i might be able to pull this off…

anyway, i just wanted to see what others were thinking on this so i could try to figure it out.

i would try to test, but i cannot afford to brick my APIM by injecting too much GB and crap out the install unless i could know i could revert back to the non-nav USB image.

if i could only figure out how much ram in my APIM, then i could customize a NAV/Map load that would fit…

you guys are awesome !

cheers :slight_smile:

apps alone uses 3gb, then you have a data partition and a few others it’s not possible.