Apim my20 or not?

Hi. How could I tell if the apim is a my20 or not? I mean: it’s a 2022 Ford Focus. Recently had an apim change (or that is what the dealership said) because the owner bricked the original one by trying to install an update created with cyanlabs updater and guess it happened because it didn’t had the my20 protection on. Thing is that, today, when making another USB to update maps, he got this pop-up and my20 protection disabled itself. He canceled and started again, choosing to only update maps, and this time, the my20 protection was on

It’s MY20, have your ¿client? run and provide the XML interrogator log to us.

Thanks for the quick response. It’s just a friend that doesn’t speak English :grin: later today he’ll send the log and I will upload it

It might be a bug in Syn3updater, but even so there should not be any need of running any kind of log to determine that a MY22 Model is MY20/+, right?.

Either way, it would be nice to see what the log says.

Sync_LY1P00YM_WF0NXXGCHNMC62103_025923.xml (11,1 KB)

Here is the xml


That log does not contain a MY20 APIM.

That means that the dealer really changed the apim module and its a 2018-2019 model, right? On a my22 car :grin:. Anyway, thank you for your help. At least this way he knows that can make normal installs with reformat and everything

Well… There’s something that does not add up here…

It would be awesome to see the original interrogator log to see if the original issue he had can be reproduced.

Also, why would a dealer put an “old” APIM as a replacement in 2023???. Ford even pushed to the market J series APIMs with MY20 hardware… So why would a dealer put such an old APIM nowadays???..

About reformat: we know the APIM is not MY20, but since it’s been replaced we do not know what the screen is.

So until that can be confirmed, I would not risk reformatting it since it could soft-brick the unit due to drivers issues with a MY20 screen during the reformat phase.

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