APIM Reprogram/Replacement Help

Ok, so I tried updating my APIM firmware to get radio logos and the calm screen. It predictably bricked. So does anyone know what I will need to do to replace the module?. Can I use Forscan to program a new APIM? Do I need IDS and have to take it to a dealership? DO certain APIM’s only work in certain cars? If anyone can help I would be grateful. I would like to not spend upwards of $2000AUD at the dealership for my mistakes.

It may be bricked now but most likely recoverable. You can reprogram it with the instructions in the attached file. I am assuming that it is a 2016 APIM and probably the part number starts with ‘G’.

Is this original to the vehicle or an upgrade?
Do you have your original files?

APIM Firmware Flash Rescue Gen 1 (G-2016).txt (1.3 KB)

The 2016 ‘G’ APIM’s are very temperamental about firmware updates. You can update the unit to 2017 specs but going further than that there is no gain with these as they will not support the new features in the Sync software due to hardware limitations. Here is the specs for the production firmware for 2016 and 2017.

3.0 APIM Navigation Unit Firmware (Production Release 2017-2018)
(Originally Found On 2017/Some 2018 - Units That Ship with 2 USB Ports on Back)
HB5T-14G375-CA or HB5T-14G375-DA or HB5T-14G375-FA

3.0 APIM Navigation Unit Firmware (Production Release 2016)
GB5T-14G375-CA or GB5T-14G375-DA or GB5T-14G375-FA

You could update to these files:
HB5T-14G375-CA or HB5T-14G375-DA or HB5T-14G375-FA (You probably would want -FA)

We are here to help…

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The hardware part starts with an H. Will the recovery method still work?

Here is some APIM details Forscan picked up
APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: HP5T-14G371-DAG
Calibration level: HP5T-14G371-DAG (latest known: HP5T-14G371-DGF)
Strategy : GB5T-14G374-CB
Calibration: GB5T-14G375-DA

This will be the correct one, same procedure.

APIM Firmware Flash Rescue Gen 2 (H-2017).txt (1.2 KB)

When you open the firmware screen for the APIM, and select the calibration level HP5T-14G371-DGF, which strategy and calibration file does it recommend?

Is this a US export 2016 Focus?

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No, It’s a Thailand export. For some reason, Australia got the focus made in Thailand. I can’t imagine that will change much.

OK, so it’s purpose built with the right hand drive. Sometimes it would make a difference on the calibration file. This is fine.

You can use the Calibration: GB5T-14G375-DA or -FA file, no real difference.

Do you know where I can find these files? I can’t seem to get them.

See your PM…

Thank you chief. It took a couple goes, but it seems to be operaitonal now. My APIM must not like being writen to. Best not to take anymore risks to avoid bricking it permanantly.

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Glad I could help. Thanks for the update…