Audio Off / No GPS / No Sound at all

Hi there, I have a 2020 Explorer that began experiencing this Audio Off / GPS Signal not working / No sound via phone or app, or button clicks suddenly. I had the car the dealer (while under warranty) for a slow screen and they suggested that the APIM was faulty since it wouldnt take anymore updates (this was 6 months ago). They ordered the part (which they didnt) and it was never installed. An occasional Master Reset would fix the problem and everything still worked.

Last week, suddenly I get the no Sound / no gps problem so I immediately ordered a new APIM off of ebay programmed to my vin. I installed it yesterday and we are the exact same point. I did regain some features that were not there before but none of the above sound or GPS issues. Im starting to think this is an antenna or signal problem but people have said ACM which i have yet to open up.

What is the best way to diagnose this or if you have any ideas…

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3

New SYNC Version: 3

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford


Yeah, we are going to need more information than that, there’s a reason as to why we ask for those…

And besides, if the unit is still under warranty (or the issue was described but no solved under warranty), Ford should fix it.

I would go for the cheapest option, which is a GPS antenna for $9 on eBay. Also, check the radio fuse. and like the boss said " we are going to need more information than that, there’s a reason as to why we ask for those…"

My apologizes. Im currently running Sync 3 3.4 23188

They are not fixing anything under warranty since they are claiming it was a different issue not to mention i have zero trust in them anymore. They claim that it was the APIM and wanted me to pay a certain percentage.

Is there a scanner you would suggest that would give me the appropriate feedback on these modules?

Sorry about the lack on information. Im new to SYNC and am just trying to figure out whats happening with it.

Fuses are good, did a visual and then took a voltmeter to each of them.

Voltmeter tests are not sufficient, use a test light and load test the supplies whilst monitoring voltage.

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Can you see the module with FORScan? Are the lights visible on the screen? Can you see the screen logo? You need to provide more information on this. Do you have another Ford vehicle you could switch APIMs with just to see if it works? Also, create an interrogator log USB to check what version you have. Did you do a master reset through the sync menu or by pushing the buttons on the bezel? Also, check your connections, sometimes they get loose on the back of the APIM.

I swapped the module with one I bought from ebay programmed with my VIN. Same result but did improve some of thee functionality of the back up sensors and dual hvac controls. Audio off and Nav problems remained the same.

Screen is working fine but literally says Audio off and Nav has red strike through sign on it.

I am going to buy the FORScan wire tonight and scan it. I was asking (I know many things) if FORScan was usable in diagnosing this problem.

My wife is losing her mind without the radio…

To program the APIM module, you need to make some changes in the as-built data. Regarding the navigation, did your original APIM have navigation, or just GPS? Also, did you modify your original APIM?

Original APIM had Navigation and GPS from factory. No modification had ever happened.

The one new i havent touched at all besides sending the Vendor my VIN and installing it.

ForScan cable coming today…

Alright, Scanned using Forscan and everything came back with some type of feedback except for the ACM, pic is below.

Question is do i try to reconfig or replace…

Let me know if you have seen this before…