Australian MY20

What is your SYNC Region? ANZ

What is your current SYNC Version? 3.4.20351

Do you have Navigation? Yes

I have a My20 Ranger came with sync 3.4
If I use The Ci version of Syn3updater to up date maps only I get ANZ 1.19 maps (My20 protection enabled).
Is this safe to use?

If I use the normal version of Syn3updater I get ANZ 2.20 but reading your other threads
“ANZ 2020 Maps - Strangely, ESN locked despite not usually being locked - REFORMAT REQUIRED”

Why are you unable to to change the autoinstall.lst to reflect the newer map files. Would that not work?

I have not done anything silly yet but thought I would ask the questions.

It appears as though the ANZ maps are ESN locked which means that they need to be licensed out per vehicle. You can technically try to install the 2 20 maps but it will fail. The previous 1 19 maps were not ESN locked so that is why you have the option there.

thanks for the reply
Is this just a MY20 thing? I have read on other forums people using the updater to load ANZ 2.20 maps but they were MY19 or earlier.

As said before, sadly ANZ maps seem locked, so you can try but should fail without reformat. And, DO NOT REFORMAT a MY20.

Yes, it’s a model thing. The reformat tool that has been leaked in the past does not have proper drivers for newer hardware, so you would “brick” your MY20 or later APIM if you try a reformat. (simplification)

I was not going to try a reformat was just curious why some people were getting it to work.

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