Auto stop start 2017 F150

I have a 2017 F150 upgraded from 4” screen to 8” screen Sync3.4… The problem is after install the Auto Start Stop feature still works however it won’t let me turn it off at button switch anymore. It has power but just not illuminate at initial start up. So it automatically starts stop’s vehicle at traffic stops and no way to turn off

Check your plugs because that has nothing to do with the APIM.

Thanks however I know you can turn on and off Auto Start Stop from APIM settings. So was thinking maybe another setting got tweaked when I updated APIM settings for my Sync 3 after doing upgrades. Wire is all good. Baffled :hushed:

You can only adjust it through the APIM if you have connectivity settings. You don’t get that till after 2020 with L series hardware and it’s something you can turn on, but it won’t work. Requires several hardware changes to get those settings to work. Lots of $$$.

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