B11BA and U0151 DTC's in APIM


I am getting these two DTC’s in my APIM and they are persistent, meaning they come back immediately after clearing with Forscan.

B11BA is Steering wheel audio switch pack voltage out of range.

U0151 is for lost communication with Restraint control module.

My steering wheel buttons work, although once in a while the volume buttons seems to change the station

Any idea what setting in the Asbuilt would trigger these?

Vehicle details are: 2014 F150 that had Sync 2 and upgraded to Sync 3 with a K series non-nav APIM. I updates to Sync 3.4 and upgraded the firmware to the latest to get calm screen.

I kinda suspect this happened when I updated the firmware via Forscan 2.4.6.

With a 2014 vehicle, you have introduced a CGEA 1.3 device (APIM) into a CGEA 1.2 system. Issues like this can be expected. However, you need to make sure that all references to CGEA 1.2 or 1.3 are set to CGEA 1.2 in the APIM asbuilt. This should fix the issues you are seeing.

What if there are parts of the Asbuilt which only show CGEA 1.3? For example:

Would I use non-CGEA 1.3+ in this case?

So I appear to have gotten rid of the U0151 code by switching 7D0-06-01 *xxx from a 6 to an 8. This changed it from an internal Gyro not present/Gyro on Bus Present to Internal Gyro Present/Gyro on Bus not present.

I think the APIM was maybe looking to the Restraint module for the Gyro and was not seeing it.

However, I now have a persistent U2100 code.

Steering wheel control code is still there.

I did a write all on the APIM as built and the got rid of my U2100 code.

So now I am just left with the B11B1

Ok, I think I have it all resolved now. B1141 required I change 7D0-01-02 xxxx-*xxx-xx-- to a 0. For some weird reason I had it set to a 1.

Good work. The APIM should operate properly now.

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