Background Static after Sync 3 Upgrade

Over the summer, I bought a Sync 3 upgrade kit on eBay which came from China for my 2013 Escape. Later, I noticed that when I connected my phone (both through Bluetooth and a cable) or listened to the radio there was constant background static that only came from the pillar speakers and the center speaker. (I can still hear whatever is playing but with static in the background). I have tried replacing the Audio Control Module and using Forscan program it to the car. I then tried replacing the pillar speakers. I then used the CyanLabs updater to get the latest version of Sync 3. I have had no success in trying to fix the issue. Could this be a case of getting a bad APIM or could this be bad programming? Is there a possible fix? Any input is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: My APIM has navigation and my sound system is non-Sony. I am currently running Sync 3.4.22251. Also, I later installed an aftermarket backup camera and used Forscan to program the APIM to accept the signal. I don’t know if that could be a cause but I figured I would include it.

Return it. You are going to have nothing but problems. Very well-known these Chinese clones are full of problems.

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