Backup camera does not work after sync 2 to Sync 3 Upgrade

@F150chief Thankyou so much! Camera works and I have all my other settings back! The resolution isn’t terrible, the only reason I wanted camera was backing up in tight spaces it helps a ton! And the resolution will not change anything in that regards. I really appreciate everyone’s quick responses and help!

Did you just change the 7D0-08-02 xxxx xxxx *x-- from 0 to 1, or did you load the whole asbuilt?

I loaded the as built you provided then changed the one value

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I revised the asbuilt file I attached to include the 7D0-08-02 xxxx xxxx *x-- from 0 to 1 value.
siddiqim90 Sync 3 NEW.txt (493 Bytes)

Glad to help. Enjoy.

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