Backup camera does not work after sync 2 to Sync 3 Upgrade

Hello All,

I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid which originally came with an 8in Sync 2 screen. The backup camera on it worked flawlessly.

Today, I upgraded it to an 8inch Sync 3 donated from a 2019 Fusion Hybrid . Since the swap, I have lost the rear view camera. The proximity sensors still work and I can hear the beeping. But nothing changes on the screen. Any help on how to get it to work? I looked at the APIM Configuration and the camera settings are enabled:
7D0-01-01: 2A2A-0102-0030

Ignore my last message (deleted), so there are other camera settings, checking your asbuilt on our online asbuilt checker would be a good indicator on whats wrong.

I tried all of them. No luck :frowning: I read on a forum the 2019 fusion to older ones are tricky

Could you post you APIM asbuilt? Do you have your Sync 2 asbuilt available also?

This is probably just a setting that needs adjusting. Did you run the New Module LIN Calibration when you added Sync 3 to the vehicle? (In FORScan)
Where did you get the values for the Sync 3 APIM for your vehicle? If you are using the 2019 settings they will not be correct.
Did 2014 Fusions have push button start?

@avdonr might have some input…?

Not sure if they had push button start, but I can upload my as built for you. I’ve got a 2018 fusion plug-in hybrid SE. The settings for the APIM should be nearly identical except for the PHEV setting (not sure if you’ve got just hybrid or plug-in), and any option trim level features above SE.

I’ve got my backup camera working so if it’s an APIM problem my config should work for you and you can reference it as needed. Just have to go to my car to pull the latest config.

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Here’s the as built for my APIM. You can give it a go, modifying whatever is necessary for your vehicle (if anything). Main thing is to see if a factory SYNC 3 Fusion config works for your camera.

2018 Fusion PHEV SE APIM.abt (401 Bytes)

Yea I had a 13 Fusion at one point and it had Push Button start.

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Unfortunately trying to load your attachment results in an error “Error Opening File”.

Mine does not have a push-start. It is a 2014 non-plug in hybrid. The donor vehicle was non plug in as well. AB file attached.

Here is the factory as built file for the stock sync 2 apim

How do I run new module calibration?

You need to update your FORScan installation.

Download FORScan

It’s in the section with the wrench above the asbuilt tab.

Just updated forscan. I don’t see the option still.

4 lines above the blue line.

Make sure you make a new profile with the updated version of FORScan.

So I did not rerun the calibration, but copied my factory from the sync 2 ab to sync 3 from 7d0-01-01 until 7d0-04-01 and the camera started working. But I get a message. “Video on demand is not available” and the backup camera is lower resolution than it used to be. Also, the hybrid power control screen doesn’t show a car anymore it is just black screen with a status.

And it’s not working anymore again… Omg now I know it isn’t a hardware issue

There was obviously corruption in the asbuilt causing issues with the camera activation. Now that it is gone, you can try loading the Sync 3 asbuilt again.

I went thru the current Sync 3 asbuilt and compared it to the Sync 2 asbuilt. There were no errors, although the asbuilts do not line up of course, the values are different between Sync 2 and 3 anyways.

Your current asbuilt contains a number of errors. These are annotated in the attached excel file. Yellow is good, orange needs to be changed. This will solve the issues noted above.

Attached are files I made to compare the Sync builds.

siddiqim90 Sync 3 APIM.xlsx (86.6 KB)
siddiqim90 Sync 3.txt (493 Bytes)
siddiqim90 Sync 2.txt (297 Bytes)

This is a new asbuilt for your Sync 3 APIM. It reflects the changes in the excel spreadsheet. You can load it by selecting “LOAD ALL” at the bottom of the asbuilt page.
siddiqim90 Sync 3 NEW.txt (493 Bytes)
There will be checksum errors appear when you load this asbuilt. Let FORScan calculate the proper values.

Let us know how you make out…

So here is what I found so far.
Old - Line 7D-06-01: 916F
New - Line 7D-06-01: 805E

This change made the camera work. But lower resolution.
I changed it to 816F and it automatically changed it to 815F. Any input on increasing camera resolution?

I noticed there is no LIN count in the APIM. This can cause issues with LIN attached devices, like cameras, volume controls, etc.
Change this:
7D0-08-02 xxxx xxxx *x-- from 0 to 1.

Low resolution has been a reported issue with Sync 3 retrofits from Sync 2. I do not know if it was ever solved.

916F would not be the proper setting for your vehicle. 805E would be correct.

Also, remember the last 2 digits of the code line are checksum numbers and will change automatically with FORScan as it calculates the proper value. Just let it do that.