Black screen after update - Ford Ranger Limited

What is your SYNC Region?
ANZ SA (Argentina)

What was your Old SYNC Version?
I wanted to update to version 3.4.21194

What version of Syn3 Updater are you using?


Do you have Navigation?

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
No messages, only black screen

Is your car MY20?
No. The MY20 protection told me that my truck is not MY20 and that all programs were compatible.

Do the USB lights come on when you power on?
Yes, but they turn off after a few seconds.

I have not tried to disconnect the battery yet

I don’t have FORScan and neither does the cable.

When the USB lights go out, I do the master reset by pressing the power button and FF, the USB lights turn on again and turn off again after a few seconds.

Video: on the main board it says audio off and you see the USB lights on then off. Cyanlabs sync black screen - YouTube

Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below
(Log files can be found on the root of your USB drive or in %localappdata%\CyanLabs\Syn3Updater\Logs)

Branch: Stable
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (2009)

Version: 3.4.21020
Region: ANZ
Navigation: True
Install Mode: Auto-Detect (downgrade)
Install Mode Overridden: False
My20 Protection Enabled: Desactivado

Mode: Drive
Model: Kingston DataTraveler SE9 USB Device
FileSystem: exFAT
Partition Type: MBR


; CyanLabs Syn3Updater Stable - downgrade  Mode - Sync 3.4.21194 ANZ

Item1 = TOOL - GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
Open1 = SyncMyRide\GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
Item2 = APP - 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
Open2 = SyncMyRide\4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
Options = AutoInstall
Item1 = REFORMAT TOOL - 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
Open1 = SyncMyRide\1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
Options = AutoInstall,Include,Transaction

4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ (479,7MB)
GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz (1,8KB)
1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz (8,5MB)
4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ (896MB)
5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ (847,2MB)
5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ (1GB)
4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ (1,5GB)
4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ (4,6GB)
4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ (1,6KB)

[6/8/2021 14:10:38] Selected Region: ANZ - Release: Sync 3.4.21194 - Map Version: 2.20 (2020) - ANZ, SA and TW 
[6/8/2021 14:10:38] Install Mode: Auto-Detect (downgrade) Forced: False 
[6/8/2021 14:10:38] MY20 Protection: Desactivado 
[6/8/2021 14:10:38] Formatting USB drive
[6/8/2021 14:10:38] Re-creating partition table as MBR and formatting as ExFat on selected USB drive
[6/8/2021 14:10:46] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:10:46] Downloading: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
[6/8/2021 14:11:24] Validating: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:11:25] Downloaded: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:11:25] Checking Existing File: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:11:25] Downloading: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
[6/8/2021 14:11:26] Validating: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:11:26] Downloaded: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:11:26] Checking Existing File: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:11:26] Downloading: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
[6/8/2021 14:11:32] Validating: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:11:32] Downloaded: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:11:32] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:11:32] Downloading: 4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ
[6/8/2021 14:12:40] Validating: 4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:12:43] Downloaded: 4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:12:43] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:12:43] Downloading: 5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ
[6/8/2021 14:13:49] Validating: 5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:13:51] Downloaded: 5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:13:51] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:13:51] Downloading: 5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ
[6/8/2021 14:15:14] Validating: 5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:15:18] Downloaded: 5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:15:18] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:15:18] Downloading: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ
[6/8/2021 14:17:16] Validating: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:17:21] Downloaded: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:17:21] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:17:21] Downloading: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ
[6/8/2021 14:23:22] Validating: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:23:36] Downloaded: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:23:36] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:23:36] Downloading: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ
[6/8/2021 14:23:36] Validating: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:23:36] Downloaded: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:23:36] Preparing USB drive
[6/8/2021 14:23:38] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:23:38] Copying: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:25:36] Validating: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:25:38] Copied: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:25:38] Checking Existing File: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:25:38] Copying: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:25:38] Validating: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:25:38] Copied: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:25:38] Checking Existing File: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:25:38] Copying: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:25:40] Validating: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:25:40] Copied: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[6/8/2021 14:25:40] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:25:40] Copying: 4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:29:55] Validating: 4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:29:57] Copied: 4U5T-14G423-DC_1615429585000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:29:57] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:29:57] Copying: 5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:33:56] Validating: 5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:33:59] Copied: 5U5T-14G381-ET_1627475308000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:33:59] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:33:59] Copying: 5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:39:02] Validating: 5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:39:09] Copied: 5U5T-14G391-DP_1626960105000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:39:09] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:39:09] Copying: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:46:27] Validating: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:47:01] Copied: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:47:01] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 14:47:01] Copying: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 15:09:30] Validating: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 15:12:58] Copied: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 15:12:58] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 15:12:58] Copying: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 15:12:59] Validating: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 15:12:59] Copied: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ 
[6/8/2021 15:12:59] Generating reformat.lst
[6/8/2021 15:12:59] Generating autoinstall.lst

The update started well. Then it restarted and an older version of SYNC appears, with a white background … with the pendrive still in place, it began to update again and after a few minutes it restarted again. Then it did not start again, and only shows the black screen.

I hope more ideas that I can try before taking it to the dealer.

Thanks a lot

You will need to take your vehicle to the dealer to get your APIM repaired or replaced…2021 FORD RANGER qualifies as MY20 or newer…

The settings in the above log indicate that the MY20 Protection was overridden (deactivated). This mode is reset to enabled every time the Syn3 Updater is started unless there is a specific profile set up to deactivate the setting. You are using the default setting, so this was changed and the result was the reformat tool was used on a MY20+ vehicle.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 10.13.10 PM

Also, this warning appears clearly in the documentation for the app…
Basic Usage | Cyanlabs Docs

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To build off what @F150Chief said, when you get the system replaced you CAN still update to 3.4.21194 but just make sure that you don’t override any protections and select “keep existing maps”. This will only update SYNC itself along with voice and Gracenote.

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Thanks for the answers. My mistake was believing that my truck was not MY20.

Just play dumb, do not mention any of this. As far as you know, it just died.
With luck, it will be replaced under warranty.

Did you get notified and said no?

The interrogator program does not make you put the pendrive in the truck to check if it is or not my20? Well, I did and it told me that it was not my20 and that all “programs” were compatible with the computer or something similar. After that he deactivated the “MY20 Protection” and let me continue with the process.

OK, post your xml file that the interrogator gave you

The files that I have in the pendrive are those that are seen in the photos that I uploaded. I did not save the result of the interrogator on the computer and after that step, the next screen of the program is when the destination of the files (pendrive) is selected and it is formatted again.

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Is there any update about your issue?, were you able to make the unit operative again?

Possibly today I have something new.

Great, we hope it’s good news. :crossed_fingers:
If you manage to recover the unit, it would be nice to have the output of the interrogator log (assuming it’s the same hardware)

The dealer was unable to reprogram the module and requested for a replacement. It may take a week or a month to arrive. When I have everything working I will tell you how it went.


I forgot about this issue, is the unit now operative?
Did they replace it?. Anyway, it would be nice to have the interrogator log for whatever unit you have, just to see if it’s a MY20 or not.
If it was replaced, which version is it running now?.

I’m still waiting for the module to be shipped from the factory. There is no estimated date of arrival.

Sorry to hear they are taking this long… I’ll keep the thread open.

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Just following up to see if you were able to fix the issue…