Black screen, APIM error B108E:4A-48 -Display

Auto ford escape 2021, sync 3 with navi (american maps)
I wanted to downgrade the version so that later I can record the latest one with European maps.
Rebooted and black screen. After reading the forum, I realized that I removed the screen driver.
I have a 2018 escape car.
I installed APIM there. lowered the version to 3.4.19200 and upgraded it to 3.4.23088 with European maps.
And then the question arose: with a native config from 2021, a black screen on the old screen (2018), I tried different configs from motorcraft (from 17 to 2019), also a black screen. But I got 1 config with which it started. and then all the configs that did not work before - work
But I install the config again from 2021 - a black screen on the old screen. Why does this occur? and will it work on the new screen (tablet)
Thank you!

Stick with the one that works until you can do more research.

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2020 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid 2,5l - same problem.
Have you tried to pull out the fuses?
Press the combination of radio control keys?

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