Build: 3.4.22220

I spotted this while trawling through FMods, have you guys spotted this info yet?

Latest SYNC 3.4 build

  • Build: 3.4.22220
  • Package Name: NU5T-14G381-AA
  • Release Date: 2022-08-24

I saw that on there also back before 22200. Wonder when and if it will be released.

I missed that, today was the first time i’d spotted it.

I think it was actually on Discord where I saw the conversation on it on 8/18/22.

" So there’s a few new builds in testing. One is very close to production release and the other is scheduled for October/November"

Hopefully we’ll get a release soon where everything works properly

Maybe in the next 2 months. Well see.

Am i missing something? this is known? Sync 3.4.22200 - Feedback & Issues

Add another 2 and take away a zero dude

What you posted links back to the 22200 release. Could it be a typo? Either way there is another update coming but I am not sure what the number is. Could be 22220.

It’s a typo look at the file name

It won’t be 22220 as that’s only 20 days since last version number 22200 this is 100% a typo

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