C-Max Sync 3.4 Update without APIM update?

i have a Ford C-Max Titanium from 2018 with Sync 3.0 build 20204. Is it possible to update it with the Syn3 Updater to 3.4 without updading the APIM? Some tutorial videos say yes, other say no, i have no clue :o

To jump from anything below 3.4 (3.3 and below) to 3.4 you have to use this method with the reformat utility.

Are you talking about updating the firmware of the APIM via FORScan, or are you just asking about 3.4?

3.4 is as simple as following the guide with your pc and creating an update USB to stick into your vehicle’s usb port.

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I had the same sync 3.0 build 20204 in my 2017 Ford Escape and recently updated with Cyanlabs Sync3 updater to the latest 3.4.22251 with 2.21 maps by USB just using the normal instructions. Everything went smoothly with no issues. No mention of updating the APIM or whatever and Forscan wasn’t involved.

Yes, a update with FORScan. Some tutorial videos mention, that the resolution on the screen is broken after the update and it requires FOREScan to fix it.

The firmware of the APIM should not need updating by Forscan in the case of a 2018 model currently with sync 3. 3.0.20204 updating to the 3.4 version and involving Forscan could cause more issues.
Suggest you just follow the Cyanlabs tutorial as I did and as @NaviUpgrade suggested.

Ok, good to know. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: