Calibration File Requests

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Hi does anyone have these files for BCMii and IPC on a Focus Mk3?



You can download these files HERE.

This what I get when opening the link

This is what I get. Maybe try now?

Im still getting the ‘no data found’

would you be able to grab those 2 files and send them across?

Select ‘United States’ as the country.
Select diagnostic tool support > software > IDS overview.
go toward bottom of the page, Calibration Files.

Had my location set to UK and i guess they dont let you download from here for some reason

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hello, could you send me the KS7T-14D099-FB file, I would be grateful

You relize all you have to do it put it in here and you can download it right now?

FJDSSupport - FordServiceInfo.Com (

Good morning. I need the following BCM Calibration Files:


Cannot be found on Ford’s website.

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, found it by using the .zip extension.