Calibration File Requests

Thanks Chief! I was able to download the files to run the recovery routine, but no joy. It seems the strat file isn’t sticking even though the routine seems to be successful - when I go back to view the current setup, it still shows the GB5T-14G374-CB file instead of AF.

Here’s the log entry for the operation

Poking around, I did find this snippet on the FORSCAN support page:
Example: uploading strategy file GB5T-14G374-CB for SYNC3 is bricking the module. Solution is to upload GB5T-14G374-CD instead of -CB.

Would you happen to have that file available? Any advice would be appreciated, and yes, my tail is between my legs and sorry I ever even tried to perform this upgrade. :hot_face:

You have an early Gen 2 APIM shown in the pic above. HB5T-14G171-BCA is a 2017 NON-NAV 8GB APIM.
Use the Gen 2 instructions and the files above under custom “To Program”. You must follow the procedure all the way thru with the Illumination and Sound files, separately.

GB5T-14G374-AF is for 2016, but appears in early 2017 also. It was replaced by -CA, then -CB. I do not have -CD.
Use GB5T-14G375-CA instead of GB5T-14G375-BA, -BB.
Load the files set I posted above, with the latest FORScan version. Make sure to check the boxes at the bottom of the page to silence the buss and recover mode.

Make sure you are using the latest FORScan application version 2.4.4.
FORScan Software Version 2.4.x Information - FORScan - Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

FORScan v2.4.4 beta - FORScan forum (250.7 KB)

Thank you both so much! Simply replacing -CB with GB5T-14G374-CD instantly fixed the issue. Glad I can stop sweating now. Geez… :flushed:

I will update the docs with the file. Glad you got it fixed.

The issue was finally solved and the lamps works as expected.
Summing up (maybe this will be useful for someone), the HCM is fine, no software needs to be updated. Actually, all that I did is ok, the problem was Forscan itself.
I reached out to the Forscan team and they provided me an updated version of the program which didn’t have a problem with calibration. After calibration was successful lamps works as expected.
Thank You for Your help.

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