Can anyone tell me where 3.4 originated from?

I have been trying to find links on Ford website regarding Sync 3.4, but I could not find any at all. I want to make sure the software, I am installing was developed by Ford. Thank you!!

Why would you think Ford would publicly publish them?, they don’t.

Files are hosted on ford’s servers, you can find the links here in the SW DB. Also, it’s worth mentioning you can only install properly signed packages onto the unit, so it’s all Ford’s software.

But if you have doubts or second thoughts just do not use them, you are not obligated to.


To further elaborate on what was said above, there is no way for an end user to install a package onto a SYNC unit without it coming directly from Ford (unless they write directly to the flash storage). All packages are signed by Ford and if there is a signature mismatch (i.e. the software has been altered) it will fail to install.

The updater that is provided here helps to automate the install process for you, but all packages are Ford packages.

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