Can I delete upgrade and go back to factory settings?

I have just purchased a 2018 F150 but it is not touch screen and now the updates do not work. I am curious if it is possible to delete the upgrade and go back to 3.2. I do not see 3.2 in the upgrade options. Its fine if its not possible, already thinking to go to Bestbuy and put in some awesome new stereo system anyway…?

If you don’t have an 8" touchscreen in the center stack, then it is not Sync 3. Probably has a small 4" green display, which is Sync 2.5 or even just a stereo head.

Not sure what you have, but if the touch screen does not work it does not seem related to software.

I know it is not a software issue and I know it is not a touchscreen that is why I am asking if there is a way to revert back to factory default and/or delete the update because I should not have done it and it is Sync 3 because I took a oic of the screen prior to installation as a youtuber recommended, see pic.

But that shows you had 2.3, not 3.2.
You can go back to 3.3 easily, but that won’t fix whatever you are trying to fix since 3.2 and 3.3 are quite similar I believe. What version does the unit have now?.


You can’t go back to 2.3.
Why do you want to go back to 3.2?, what’s your expectation?.
Also, you mentioned that

What do you mean?.
The image you showed us before seem to be a 4 screen , right?
If so, there are specific versions for 4 inch screens. Maybe you should try one of those.

Nevermind guys. Thanks for your time. I’ll just go to bestbuy and get a new system.

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