Can just the maps be updated?

What is your SYNC Region? NA

What is your current SYNC Version? 3.0.19205

Do you have Navigation? Yes. 2015 maps

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Not sure where to post the following question.

Can I JUST update the MAPs for my Nav? My current maps are from 2015. My SW revision is 3.0.19205. I want to remain on the 19205 since I can still browse the music on my thumb drive while the vehicle is in motion, but my maps are really outdated.


If you want to just update your maps, you’ll need to grab them from Ford as they include the license specific to your vehicle.

Depends on region, I believe NA1.19 isn’t actually ESN locked if I remember correctly.

But you are on 3.0 not 3.2+ so these maps will not work, update to 3.3.X or install maps without using our tool


I believe you can also update to 3.4.19101 with 2019 maps and retain the USB browsing while in motion.

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Really? Did not know that.


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Well, unfortunately that is not true for 3.4.19101. I updated to it with no issues and the “New Search” is greyed out while the truck is in drive. What would be the newest update I could revert to and keep the 19 maps that would still allow me to search my thumbdrive while in motion?


Try an older build if it’s available. If not then 3.3 should allow you to do it. You essentially just have to install and test if it’s not in the release notes in the updater.

You can use voice commands still, i’m not going to figure out which build stopped this because personally i think navigating usb folders while driving is extremely dumb, but i won’t stop others providing information

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When you have a passenger assisting you in selecting a song, that’s a different story…

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Yeah, never agree on a song…

So since I updated to 3.4.20351, I’ve been testing if having a passenger lifts some of the restrictions like browsing usb or navigation with the vehicle in motion. It does not, at least in an F-150. All restrictions are in place as they were. However, when you use voice commands for setting a destination in nav, it does allow you to select on the screen the choices for the destination, or you can just say the choice. This was with a passenger in the vehicle in motion. This is an improvement to the selection process as listening to all the choices is distracting as well.

To be clear, I advocate using the voice commands while in motion, not messing with the screen. Once you take the time to properly learn the commands and speak them properly, the system works fine. Just like any phone out there…YMMV.

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