Can you install maps by mixing my20+ with non my20 license

So before even thinking about updating my apim, I boight a 5 year map license. Now after updating my apim to a my20+, the maps as they currently are downloadable are not congruent with my new apim.

I cannot use reformat to install maps because it is a my20+ apim.

For whatever reason I was able to update the maps in the apim by downloading maps from Ford using the donor VIN and donor VIN license and then install it. My understanding was that it should not have been possible unless the VIN was changed to the donor VIN in the BCM first, install maps, then change the VIN back. I did not do that and it all seems to work. I guess dumb luck as I did not read about changing the VIN until after I did it.

Now however, I am unable to use the donor VIN to download maps without having to pay for it. I could purchase another 5vyear subscription using the donor VIN but I already have one with my actual VIN.

So the thought occurred to me, could I use a my20+ map set with my non my20+ license that I can download from Ford with my existing 5 year subscription and install new maps successfully. I understand that I will either have to change the file name itself or change the reference to the filename in the autoinstall file first before attempting.

My concern is if it does not work, what would I need to do to revert my maps back to the prior year. Can I use the install USB that I used successfully before and install the previous maps version on top of the boinked version? Do I need to jailbreak it to delete the boinked maps that was installed and then reinstall the previous maps? Or something else entirely.

Has anyone tried this before and succeded or failed.

Appreciate all input and comments.

A license is ESN locked, if it’s a different APIM it’s a different ESN (Electronic Serial Number) so No you can’t use a license from another APIM in addition, licenses are linked to specific map years, you can’t use a license from 21 on 22 maps.

So that would explain why I could install maps I downloaded from Ford using the donor VIN. On the Ford’s website the ESN is linked to the donor VIN.

So it seems that I can associate a new ESN with my VIN, but I cannot associate a new apim with my VIN. At least with the methods I have available to me. As such I am unable to download my20+ compatible maps but I can download a license with the new ESN. In this case would I be able to do install maps as I have described above?

I don’t understand the question, not gonna lie.

Say I change the ESN associated with my VIN to the ESN from the donor vehicle. The license I download now from Ford with my VIN would now be associated with the donor ESN. However because I cannot change the apim hardware associated with my VIN, I can only download map versions for my previous apim which is a non my20+ apim. As a result, I cannot install those maps.

So the question is could I use that license with the donor ESN associated with my VIN to install maps formated for my20+ apim?

Maps are ESN locked, not VIN locked, if the ESN matches the license you have, then yes you should be able to. try it, nothing will go wrong, it just won’t be able to install.

Got it. Thanks. When I get around to it, will report back.

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