Cannot save Radio-Stations

I had a Sync 3 (3.4.00021) which does not allow me to save any radio stations. I pressed the “Preset x” button and it says: “Hold down to save”, but the button still says “Preset”. If I short press the preset-button or the hardware-button (1) under the screen nothing happens.

So I have updated my sync to the latest version. Now the Preset-Buttons are completely gone. I can press the hardware buttons under the screen, but I can still not save any radio-stations.
Region is set to Canada, language is set to german. The F150 2019 XLT is from Canada.
Maybe I am missing an option in Ford-Sync or is there a Forscan-option? I found 1 or 2 guys with the same issue but no solution.


SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: Unknown

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.00021

New SYNC Version: 3.4.22110

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: latest

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

no log

What’s the history of the truck and unit?.
Is stock?.
Radio stations are not saved onto the APIM…

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Run the Interrogator Utility in the Syn3 Updater, troubleshooting tab, and post the results. This will tell us the model of the APIM and the asbuilt.

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VIN: 1F…446
Version NU5T-14G381-AB
APIM Model: HB5T-14G371-CAG
APIM Typ: Navigation
APIM Größe: 32GB
APIM Freier Speicherplatz: 8.5G
10.11.22 19:44:50 +00:00

Partition Type = Free / Total
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 1.0M / 1.1G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 5.6M / 3.2G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 25M / 3.2G
/fs/Nuance/ = 29M / 4.8G
/fs/Nuance/ = 8.4M / 1.9G
/fs/Nuance/grace = 21M / 1003M
/fs/rwdata/ = 971M / 1.2G
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 35M / 35M
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 90M / 90M
/fs/mp/ = 84M / 1.4G
/fs/mp/resources = 332K / 72M
/fs/images/ = 8.5G / 25G

Installed Packages

APIM AsBuilt
DE00: 222A000F100209040480
DE01: 44451703C002499080014005
DE02: 0000010300
DE03: 000014030E0000
DE04: 1A681A6838A4
DE05: 70
DE06: 41003300000000029A000056569000C8

By the way: I managed to get the Preset-Buttons back by setting 7D0-02-02 xxxx-xxYx-xxxx (Y from 8 to 0). Button saving still not work.

@SaNdMaN Sorry, I don`t know.

You will need to change the ACM to an EU version if you are in Germany. The US ACM is not compatible in EU. You will also need to change the region coding for Germany in the APIM and ACM.

Thank you so much for you help so far.
So ACM is the radio it self, right?
That means I need new harware?

Yes, new hardware.

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