Can't find current version in Syn3Updater

What is your SYNC Region? Eu

Do you have Navigation? Yes

What region is your SYNC APIM? EU

What was your old SYNC Version? 3.08.15128.EA.10_PRODUCT

Nav version 5.67.2

Can’t find my current version in Syn3Updater.
Which should i choose?
Want to update to 3.4

This doesn’t look like Sync 3 send a photo of your version information.

Or is this sync 2 , version 3 ?

Yes that is not SYNC 3, that’s SYNC 2, please read our documentation.

And upgrade to 3.4 needs hardware?

Again please read the documentation. If you have sync 2 you can not update to sync 3, new hardware is required.

Yes, you will need to retrofit a Sync 3 APIM and new USB hub. The USB hub might require a new wire harness jumper depending on the vehicle. If you go this route, purchase a 2017 or newer APIM.

All maps for Sync 2 are on SD cards and are licensed. (Need to pay for them…at least in the US.) It looks like your maps are F5? Also, there is an update for Sync 2 (3.10). This is the last update offered by Ford in support of Sync 2.

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