Cant start on Windows 7

Sorry for my bad english.

On the Site from cyanlabs you can read because of the problem, that you have to move the files log.txt and launcherPrefs.json to Syn3Updater- adress.

But my problem is that I couldnt find the two files. Where are there? Google wasnt my friend :frowning:

Thanks for help

No idea what you are on about, likely you need net framework 4.7.2 installed.

Thanks for the fast answer.
I mean the changlog 2.1.1. Screenshot_20210418-221505_Firefox|236x500

I’ve installed the Framework, but the synUpdater-launcher doesn’t run now

Try with right button and “run as administrator”.
Bye, Giorgio.

That has nothing to do with what you are saying.
It’s a changelog, it’s not asking you to do anything.
Update Framework, uninstall and re-install again Syn3updater if needed.
Also, try running it as admin as Raggio said, and try disabling all security software your computer may have.

Thanks for you guys. It runs