CarPlay Error"The Apple Device cannot be accessed via USB this time"

This is an Apple issue, not a Sync issue. It’s all over the internet and Apple forum. It affects more than Ford. You will have to wait for Apple to fix what the messed up in 15.0.2 trying to address a major security flaw.

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Interesting. I haven’t found anything on the Apple Dev forums or support pages. Mind sharing the link? I have an open ticket with Apple engineering on this as well so I can include the resources.

I also thought that the 15.1 iOS update was intended to patch that security flaw in the prior version. Maybe this is one of the bugs from that patch.

Here’s one: iOS 15.1 still doesn’t fix carplay issues. - Apple Community

I did not look on the dev forums, they are boring…

I see what you mean about all over the discussion forum for Apple. Yeah, I’m hoping this gets resolved soon. I’m curious if I could try a different USB hub.

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