CD PLAYER stopped working after update to 3.4

Do you need further assistance?

He said he is away from home so presumably he hasn’t had a chance to try anything yet

Apologies where we are at the moment the signal is terrible i can o let check my messages when I go into the local town near by

Hello Jon.

I was just wondering what’s the status of this issue, do you need further assistance?.
If you are away from home that’s ok, we can wait until your return.

Sorry I’ve been waiting for it to go into ford, it’s gone in today to be looked at hopefully they can confirm one way or the other

That’s ok, hopefully they will say something useful.

Did you run the interrogator log against the unit?


How did this work out?

They have taken log files to examine apparently and returned the car to me in the meantime, I get the feeling they are going to try and weasel out of this ?

Since you have the car, maybe you could provide what has been asked some weeks ago :point_down:

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