Changelog of intentional limitations

Is there a thread to document all feature removals or limitations intentionally added by Ford in SYNC?

I’m interested in updating Sync in my car to the latest 3.4, but I want to know first, what if anything I will give up.

I have a driver who does nothing but drive, while i use Sync from the passenger seat, so I don’t need anyone but my mother to keep me safe. I’ve read a lot of complaints on here about features getting disabled, so I’d like a headsup before I invest the time into updating.

I don’t have a full list but I’d just like to note that a lot of these restrictions are put in place to comply with local laws and regulations and the restrictions seem to vary by region. While it may be true that it doesn’t have to be disabled when a passenger is using the system, there is no way of verifying that the user is in fact a passenger. That being said here are some things that I know are now restricted:

  • any form of keyboard access
  • selecting specific tracks/albums from a USB/Bluetooth device (i.e. browsing)
  • viewing certain settings menus

I’ve also heard about losing control of dimming/brightness
I wonder if their next release will require proof of vaccination to use the radio!

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Dimming and brightness is not related to a driver restriction. It’s a change in the way they handle lighting in the vehicle. For my car specifically, I am on the latest version and I can still adjust brightness while the vehicle is moving.

Edit: looking at your profile it turns out we have the same car.

Cool, how are you liking the Energi? I’m going to put a Pi in mine to data log energy statistics so I can review from my desk where my greatest efficiencies were.

It’s been rock solid for me. Had it for 2 years and 0 maintenance beyond oil. I’m at 70,000km on the odometer and only 2 oil changes were required so far. I average about 200-300Wh/km in the summer and ~400Wh/km in the winter (pretty rough up here).

Only thing I wish I did was wait for the 2019 model so I could get the bigger battery but oh well. Was also considering trading it in for a 2021 escape plug in but they are constantly sold out everywhere up here.

P.S We do try and keep these forum threads on topic so if you wanna keep talking about anything feel free to join the discord.

Here are my thoughts on the topic:

A) If you do not drive, take your phone with you and will have all the entertainment you want without even using sync even, and will have the ability to even stream music to the car’s speakers.

B) Each release has its own specific thread, you can browse to those to see what changed. We try to keep them organized, but as you can clearly see even this simple and new thread you’ve created has already gone off-topic after a few posts. Nonetheless, the information is there.

C) If you are happy with your current Sync build, don’t update it.

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