China small board 32g to replace 8g board

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South america

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South america

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just dtc lost comunication eith navigation display module.

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Hi all. I have bought this small 32gb board in china to replace my original 8gb. The boards have some differences like something that seems to be a serial port. The original does not have it.
I exchanged the boards but the screen 6" does not power on. The controls and usb port illuminates and works as i can reset it by power seek+
I have this dtc with lost communication with navigation display module.
The version on my original board today is 3.0.20204 and the software on the replacement board is 2.0.16074. will it update without having the screen turned on? Would it be safe?


Chinese boards are not the greatest solution, the are cheap knockoffs usually, i have no idea what a “seems to be a serial port” is, got pics ?

See if this makes any sense to you → Is more storage better??? - #7 by F150chief

Not sure exactly what you mean by serial port, as said before, if you have a picture just send it.

Also, why are you doing this exactly?, trying to convert the unit to NAV?.

About upgrading without any image, I can’t answer for that.
I mean sure, if everything goes ok then yes, you can upgrade it as you would to a normal unit leaving it unattended. But how would you know if everything is ok?. Any issues during the process and you won’t be able to see what’s going on, that’s not safe in my book, since you would be blind.

I was thinking in putting nav in it.
My original does not have nav. But the chinese have.

But if it is not possible its ok. all i wanted anyway is to have a secondary board to return to 3.0.20204 by just swapping them. I want to put the 3.4 on this chinese one.

Edit: i have disconnected the screen and cleared dtc. Dtc didnt come back. But if i connect it, it shows me the dtc again.
Of course, screen works with original board…

The 32G board probably has the new screen drivers? It seems the new board has 3.4 already on it with the new drivers?

Here is a thread that might be helpful to you…
Replacement (increase in volume) of ROM on Sync 3 - Ford Focus 3 (

They note that some boards have been defective…

I dont think it has new drivers. Probably the opposite, it has old drivers. The software installed on china board is 2.0.16074. Dated 2016. My original unit seems to be 18.5my. The stock firmware was 3.0.17something but now it is on 3.0.20204.

I forgot to mention something else: i cant power on the radio with this new board. Pressing power does not power it on.

Probably right.

You can buy a new APIM only with NAV for about $300 US. Here is one with a screen for $399.
2019 Ford F-150 F150 Navigation Display Screen With APIM Module Kl3t-18b955-sa for sale online | eBay

Im not in US… i bought this board because it was cheaper. as perspective, one entire module costs more than a half minimum wage from my country. :pensive:

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Read thru the thread I posted and see if that will help.

I just used the interrogator. Config and serial and vin is different in small board comparing to bigger board. Does anyone knows if i will have problems with this? Or after update they all are going to be replaced? Has anyone tried this before?

The VIN will change to the vehicle it is installed into once done. The serial number will remain, the config will be what you program it for. Do you have the log file?

There it is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<p:OTAModuleSnapShot xmlns:d2p1="urn:ford/Vehicle/Module/Information/v3.0" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:p="urn:ford/com/productdesign/ipp/ModuleSnapshot/v2.0" version="2017-11-10" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:ford/Vehicle/Module/Information/v3.0 ModuleSnapshot.xsd">
  <p:Node isFlashed="false" specificationCategory="GGDS">
    <d2p1:ECUAcronym name="APIM">
        <d2p1:Gateway gatewayType="NONE">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="ASCII" didType="Embedded Consumer Operating System Part Number" didValue="8033" responseLength="24">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="Packeted" didType="Embedded Consumer Applications Part Numbers 1" didValue="8060" responseLength="384">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="Packeted" didType="Embedded Consumer Applications Part Numbers 1" didValue="8061" responseLength="384">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="HEX" didType="ECU Checksum 1" didValue="D704" responseLength="4">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="HEX" didType="ECU Checksum 2" didValue="D705" responseLength="4">
          <d2p1:DID didType="Direct Configuraation DID DE00" didValue="DE00">
          <d2p1:DID didType="Direct Configuraation DID DE01" didValue="DE01">
          <d2p1:DID didType="Direct Configuraation DID DE02" didValue="DE02">
          <d2p1:DID didType="Direct Configuraation DID DE03" didValue="DE03">
          <d2p1:DID didType="Direct Configuraation DID DE04" didValue="DE04">
          <d2p1:DID didType="Direct Configuraation DID DE05" didValue="DE05">
          <d2p1:DID didType="Direct Configuraation DID DE06" didValue="DE06">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="ASCII" didType="On-line Diagnostic Database Reference Number" didValue="F110" responseLength="24">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="ASCII" didType="ECU Core Assembly Number" didValue="F111" responseLength="24">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="ASCII" didType="ECU Delivery Assembly Number" didValue="F113" responseLength="24">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="ASCII" didType="ECU Calibration Data #1 Number" didValue="F124" responseLength="24">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="ASCII" didType="Private Sub Node #1 Serial Number" didValue="F141" responseLength="16">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="State Encoded" didType="Software Download Specification Version" didValue="F162" responseLength="1">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="State Encoded" didType="Diagnostic Specification Version" didValue="F163" responseLength="1">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="ASCII" didType="Vehicle Manufacturer ECU Software Number" didValue="F188" responseLength="24">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="ASCII" didType="ECU Serial Number" didValue="F18C" responseLength="16">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="HEX" didType="ECU MAC Address 1" didValue="F1D0" responseLength="6">
          <d2p1:DID didFormat="HEX" didType="ECU MAC Address 2" didValue="F1D1" responseLength="6">
    <d2p1:ODLNetwork d2p1:NetworkDataRate="500" d2p1:NetworkName="HS-CAN" d2p1:NetworkProtocol="CAN" d2p1:DLCName="SAE J1962" d2p1:Pins="6,14"/>
    <d2p1:AdditionalAttributes logGeneratedDateTime="2017-11-10T09:54:29+00:00" RAM="913899520" vmcuVersion="Vector_VMCU_02.02.20">
      <d2p1:PartitionHealth type="/dev/hd0t180" total="9396216832" available="54710240"/>
      <d2p1:PartitionHealth type="/dev/hd0t181" total="711868416" available="2097120"/>
      <d2p1:PartitionHealth type="/dev/hd0t177" total="37336064" available="2097152"/>

The board is from a PRE-MY18.5 APIM from the US (5553). As far as I know it will not work in a MY18.5+ APIM. And the storage is not formatted correctly for a MY18.5 unit…

Maybe someone else with experience can confirm that?

I’m not following on what the issue is, the partition layout is different between pre 3.2 and 3.2+ but thats changeable, whats the issue?

Usually if you buy these boards from china they have no software on them and require flashing via a eMMC reader

I thought the boards were different, physically. I know the formatting needs to be changed, but would that need to be done before installing it?

This one has software and maps on it from the US.

The connectors are inverted on pre my18 and post my18+ but other than that they physically are the same.

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That is what I meant…but if the APIM is also pre-18.5, should work despite the software, etc.,…?

The connectors in my case are identical. Photos on previous posts.

Then you have 2 options:

  1. reprogram the board with the EMMC reader or…
    2. place the board in the APIM and reformat to Sync 3.4 with maps. I know you said the screen does not come on with the new board, but you were able to run the Interrogator file. The reformat process will take about 30 minutes once it starts, it will reboot and then hopefully the screen comes on.

Have anyone tried going back and forth with small boards with different versions as i am planing to do? Im concerned about something being updated on the bigger board and i not be able to use my old board again.