Clima control and sync 3.4 fm icon

i did sync update and air conditioner update. I don’t have FM icon and clima rear defrost icon. I living from turkey

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Have you tried a master reset?

yes I did

and closing ford symbol i want closing st

You will need to make sure the APIM asbuilt has the ST (Ford Performance) - Sport Technology boot screen and theme selected.

As far as the other settings, you will need to confirm the asbuilt is correct and possibly reload the entire asbuilt with FORScan.

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i will try the logo tonight.

Can you help others? I do not know how to do it

Run the APIM Interrogator tool in the Syn3 Updater and post the file here.
Utility Tab - CyanLabs

For adjusting the asbuilt for the Sync APIM, you will need FORSCan.
FORScan Tutorial Links - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community


Can it be done only with forscan?
Should the VCM be an external connection device?
What version should forscan be??
I connected to forscan but the firmware update is not showing
Thank u. I solved closing st logo

You are good then. You can use any of those.

Update FORScan to the latest version always…firmware is the paid version.
Download FORScan

Excellent. Any other issues?

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