Climate on SYNC 3.4

I have a couple smaller issues with layout of the climate buttons in SYNC 3.4.
No changes has been done in the ASBUILT, only in the APIM configuration.

I added the heated steering wheel and heated seats icons to the home screen. Also activated the climate menu screen.
This works well. However these are added in the climate screen as well. Is there a way of selecting which buttons are placed in the main climate screen? Also having some not being seen? Or somehow moved into the extras menu?

Also in my drivers aid menu I have ”Antispinn” but this option is greyed out.
I have not found a way in Forscan to either remove it or make it active.
Is this the same as TCS, the button I have in in the mid console?

So you did make changes? Even though you say you didn’t?

Sadly, there is not a way to modify the screens.

This is likely a feature that is either not available in the vehicle or is not the same, or supported, as what is defined on the screen. This is likely TCS, but the TCS host system, likely the anti-lock brake module, does not support the communication with the APIM or Sync. It might be possible to upgrade the firmware in the ABS module to enable the communication, and control thru the APIM or Sync, but then it might require a completely different module. Just because the option appears on the Sync screen does not mean it can be enabled thru Sync.

Keep in mind that the vehicle must support the feature you see on the Sync screens. The menus in Sync will NOT add the features or functionality to the vehicle, this is just a control surface for existing features.

No, I did make the changes in the APIM configuration and NOT in the ASBUILT…
There’s a difference there I think, no?

In the ASBUILT you really REALLY need to know what you are changing. The configuration lets you see each option in text. But not everything is available in the configuration so there are limits.

There is, but I think your wording was wrong.
APIM configuration is done by changing ASBUILT values, so you actually said you did and did not change stuff at the same time.

What I think you intended to say is that you changed Sync3 configurations, which is not the same as changing the APIM configuration.

If not, then clarify what you meant.

I’m not sure if you are aware, but there’s a whole section for asbuilt values here → Sync 3 APIM Database - CyanLabs

My guess is they’re talking about the non-AsBuilt config option in Forscan where it has the human readable options to change. For the OP: This is basically the same as the AsBuilt option for all intents and purposes so you have changed that. Rolling back to @F150Chief’s comment, if you changed settings related to the vehicle options you see on screen and are greyed out, it means the other modules in your vehicle in charge of said feature(s) don’t support Sync interacting with them.

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Why I ask is because I have seen pictures of the climate menu that doesn’t look exactly as mine.
Not a biggie really, all options work fine.

Regarding the ”Antispinnsystem” I saw a couple of options that could have matched it. Called ”Advanced Traction” something, but they seemed to imply it was controlled elsewhere, like with a button.

Can any option turned off in the APIM settings turn it off on the physical button or to any other module? Or cause any problems with other modules? Maybe linked with another module?

When checking my Ford manual it does only mention the button on the mid console.
Why I want to remove or change this is because the option does not change with the real car settings. It’s always dimmed and off.

Edit: this was meant for F150Chief.

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about…

I’m aware it’s basically the same. Atleast it changes the same thing in the modules.
But it’s a lot easier to work with than changing a single digit in a unique line. But works fine if you know exactly what you need to change.

I don’t remember adding the Antispinn to my APIM settings. Although I have tried to add pretty much all other options for the drivers aid and car settings. Some have not worked in the SYNC screen so I have removed them. Although this option I can’t seem to find.
Probably something with ”Traction”…

Antispinn is available in my car. It’s controlled by a physical button.
I’m not really interested in changing anything major. If it can’t be controlled through SYNC then I would like to remove it from the menu.
This is what I have done with other options I have tried to add to SYNC that have behaved the same.
This option aludes me though.

Yes, I know! What I have been seeking is a way to add most of my cars features settings to SYNC. Not adding features.

On my older MK3.5 Focus I added navigation to my car after reading Ford had put in the full hardware support in all cars with my specs. It was pretty much just add nav with Forscan, install nav software, put in the SD card with maps I bought from Ford and then a little small patch to activate it.
But that was for SYNC 2.5.

Turned on all options in Forscan APIM regarding traction control and then off.
Restarted my car.

Now the ”Traction control” is gone from the drivers assistance menu.
Must have been some setting or memory that hadn’t been cleared.
It’s all good now.

Thanks for all inputs on the matter.

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