Clock Error on Escape

Can anyone point me in the right direction that may cause the issues with my clock?

I have a 2019 Ford Escape SE w/SYNC 3.4 19101

When I start the Escape the time is either stuck at 12:00 or at whatever time I started the truck. Then when I cut it off it changes time again to a random time.

Does anyone have a clue as how to fix this issue?

clock is synced from GPS usually, i don’t experience this issue maybe someone else will respond

did you change anything at APIM using FORScan? I had this problem after making a change to the APIM. After undoing this change, it worked fine again.

Do you remember what it was?

Unfortunately, not. It was in the APIM and not in the APIM as Build Section.
Go back step by step all your changes and see when it works again.

Please review your clock master setting to see where it is sourcing the time from and try changing it to an alternative:


7D0-01-01: ##XX-####-####


00 = APIM (NA Market CGEA 1.2)
08 = BCM (C1MCA and CGEA 1.3)
10 = IPC
18 = Reserved

I was able to reconstruct it again. It was exactly these settings that you write.
I had changed the climate control CGEA from North American Strategy to European Strategy in the APIM.

Excellent, can you confirm exactly what you changed for our records?

I switched with FORScan in the APIM (not in the APIM as build) the value of Climate Strategy from “North America” to “Europe”. I will make a screenshot of it in the next few days and publish it here.
After this changes, the Clock was frozen and crazy

Great thanks for that, good to hear you’re all sorted.

Here is it :grinning:

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Great, thanks for everyone helping into getting this fixed. Even taking my Escape to Ford they couldn’t figure this problem out.