Clock switching time and backlight flashing

What is your SYNC Region?

What was your Old SYNC Version?
Sync 3 2.2
What is your current SYNC Version?
Do you have Navigation?
Have you read the documentation at Syn3 Updater - CyanLabs ?
Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
No but I have DTC: B119F

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The clock shows one time with ignition off and another time with ignition on.
I’m getting the DTC B119F, gps antenna, circuit open.
Problem is, the car doesn’t have one…
Another issue is backgroundlight is flashing.
I thought that this could be an hardware issue.
APIM and display is changed and reset to Sync 3 2.2 and everything was working fine.
Now i downloaded your software again, and got the same issues again.

You could not go back to Sync 2.2 from Sync 3.4. It sounds like you have a corrupted update or it just didn’t update.

Post your log files from the update and run the APIM Interrogator Tool and post the results.

Assuming you mean it’s flickering during changes in the light, this is a known issue and well documented, there is no fix, it effects the focus and the kuga.

Got a new APIM with 2.2
So you can go back…

Just FYI, the car does have a GPS antenna, probably under the dash on top of the IP or about there. It is used for the clock, etc. Also, if there is a GPS connector on the Sync APIM, you need to connect one to get rid of the error.

No that is not what I ment.
The display gets white. Sometimes the whole display, sometimes just some stripes across the screen…
Like bad connection between APIM and screen…

…or bad screen. The video for the screen is the cable on the back of the unit, about 2 inches long. These can be easily replaced. Make sure it is seated and not loose.

This is a programming error in the APIM.

not sure why you are clarifying you can go back but said you got a new APIM, that’s like saying i put my modern computer back on windows 95 because i bought a old windows 95 computer…

Not sure how that comment should help…

I’m just saying that those issues i have are not hardware issues. With the change of the APIM your software and issues were gone.
So it’s clearly the sync 3.4 software that is cousing this…

So, any helpful ideas?

My point was you replied to a moderator basically saying you can go back to 2.2 but you swapped your apim to do so . So you didn’t really go back

Anyway if you used search you would know about the flickering downgrade to 19101 and you can disable automatic brightness, other than that there is no solution

Just because your car isn’t navigation it still has a GPS! So if you are getting that error it’s likely due to not having a GPS connected

Also to clarify this is ford software none of the packages are modified nor could they be even if I wanted to as they are all cryptographically signed.l to prevent modification.

Syn3 updater just facilitates the downloading and creation of the install files and install scripts.

Your vehicles time is changing as you haven’t got the gps antenna connected. It is required to set the clock hence why it’s exhibiting strange behaviour…

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