Clock time changing with ignition

My clock has started changing once I turn the ignition off. I was browsing forscan the other day looking at what things can be changed, but I don’t think I actually changed anything. However the issue did start then, so I guess I must have “corrected” something and caused the issue. Can anyone advise what it might be? For example it was 15:15, and turned ignition off, the clock went back to 02:08. Turn stereo back on and it corrects again. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

SYNC Region: Europe

Navigation Variant: No

Old SYNC Version: 3.0

New SYNC Version: 3.4

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: Latest

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: Yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

I think you’re the same as the CMax? which is a Type C that follows the rules of a Type B and that has the BCM as the Clock master. This can be changed in the APIM and that should correct the issue.

The change needs to be made here 7D0-01-01 xx**-xxxx-xxxx but I am not sure what it needs to be so I will let someone else give you that answer.

Type B - The body control module (BCM) is the clock master. The APIM and FCDIM are slave modules.

• GPSM/Antenna
- Receives the UTC Data
- Sends the UTC data to APIM
- Receives UTC data
- Sends clock change request
• BCM (Clock Master)
- Receives clock change request
- Sends clock data to APIM and IPC
- Displays clock data sent from BCM
*For vehicles with navigation - The APIM (slave module) is still responsible for reading the GPS data *
*from the GPSM/satellite antenna, applying the appropriate time zone offset, and comparing that time to the current tracked time provided by the BCM (clock master). As a slave module, the APIM will not *
automatically update the time displayed on its own. The slave module will request a time change from the clock master. The clock master then sent a request to the slave modules to update the displays.
*For vehicles without navigation - The slave module will still calculate the offset. It will also use this *
*offset value and the time provided by the GPSM/satellite antenna to compare with the current time value from the clock master. If the times do not match, the slave module will send a time change request to the clock master instead of instantly updating. The clock master will then send the request to have the *
displays updated accordingly.
*Offset = UTC time – current displayed time *
This offset value is used every time the slave module powers up. Upon powering up, the offset is added to the UTC time provided by the GPSM/satellite antenna and then compared to the clock that the slave module internally tracks.

*Type C – These vehicles follow the same rules as the Type B architecture type vehicles. Older vehicles and vehicles that are not listed in Figure 1, the audio control module (ACM) is the clock *

*For vehicles equipped with SYNC Gen 2 or SYNC 3, the clock master can be determined through APIM *
Bezel Diagnostics > APIM Diagnostics > Configuration Status. To enter the bezel diagnostics, refer to the appropriate Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 415-00. Vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 do not have a separate GPSM. Per the WSM Section 415-00 Description and Operation, the GPSM is internal to the APIM.

Download the factory asbuilt for your vehicle and use the info to correct your issue. Go to
Select the country.
Then go to Index - FordServiceInfo.Com ( to enter your VIN and download the asbuilt file.
Save the file to /Documents/Asbuilts on your computer.
This is your get out of jail card…and read these links:
FORScan Tutorial Links - FORScan - Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

You can restore the factory asbuilt for the APIM by loading the info from this file by opening the Asbuilt Configuration page for the APIM, then selecting the Restore All button and loading the factory asbuilt for the APIM. Then select Write All. If you get a message that there is nothing changed to write, tell it to write the information anyways.

Let the unit reboot and see if the issue is fixed. It might take a vehicle shutdown and restart to clear the issue.

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Thanks for the advice guys. It does make sense, however I never touched any asbuilt data, so should it be one of the simple settings that I may have accidentally changed? Is there a particular setting I should be looking for? As I say it’s only something that happened since 2 days ago when I was using forscan

The info you need is in the Factory asbuilt. 7D0-01-01 xx**-xxxx-xxxx.

So I’ve checked that, and that’s the same. The only asbuilt in the apim that’s different is 7D0-02-01. Mines 554B-0A04-C048 and the original is 554B-0104-C03F. Should I change that back?

I just didn’t know if maybe using cyanlabs to force my update to 3.4, that may be the changed asbuilt numbers, and didn’t want to break anything

That location is just the boot screen value. This would not have changed on it’s own.

So, in your post you say that this just started happening. But you say the unit was on 3.0 and you updated it to 3.4? Can you clarify the situation, please? Was it all working before you reformatted the unit to 3.4, or was the issue there before and you hoped to fix it with the reformat and upgrade?

So I updated to 3.4 last summer, and it was all perfect. Only having this clock issue since 3-4 days ago when I was using forscan to see what changes can be made. I think I did swap the boot screen so that makes sense for that location. But as I say, everything else in the apim asbuilt is as per factory, so still haven’t found how to fix the clock change issue

Load the factory asbuilt completely at one time. Master Reset the unit. Something else got changed or corrupted when you wrote the change, most probably. Once you have the clock working again, you can change your boot screen again. If you need help with this, I can make the file for you to load.

I have the original file for asbuilt from motorcraftservice so should be able to sort that out if I need to. I did modify asbuilt last year to add cruise control, so I’ll need to maintain that, or remember which values I changed so that I can re-do the cruise control. And when you say master reset, I assume that’s the sync3 I’d need to reset?

You will only load the asbuilt section for the APIM (7D0). This should not do anything with the Cruise Control.

But save all of the changes you have made in ABT files.

Or atleast screen print and post your current APIM Asbuilt so we can see it and tell you what adjustments you need to make.

Those are my apim values. All as per the original data now. I even set the splash screen back as that was all I changed. Where else should I look for any changes that might have made the clock keep changing? No other modules have anything to do with the time?

So I’ve reset all my modules to factory, and still not fixed the issue

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