Configuration update

2019 Expedition w/Nav. Originally 3.2, updated to 3.4 and I would like to update my calibration.

My questions: FORScan will not let me ONLY update the configuration, so do I need to write every block or just certain ones?

What does the configuration alone change if the firmware/strategy’s are the same?

Thank you!


In the pic above it shows a JR3T 2018 APIM. This is an older model APIM. You would only need to update the strategy and calibration files.

There is really nothing to gain by updating this APIM to the newest firmware as it does not have the capabilities as far as processing power and hardware to take advantage of the newer software features.The FORScan settings indicate that it is up to date for this APIM. If you do try to update, it may or may not work properly, providing that the files load successfully.

Run the APIM Interrogator Utility found in the Guide and Info section here to see the specifics of the unit.

Thank you F150chief! I will do that first and go from there.

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