DAB Logos Issue

Hello i drive an Fiesta ST 3/19 with the actuall APIM with DAB Logos from Factory.

Factory was 3.3 than i update to
3.4 19200 with Maps F9 than i want to test the
3.4 20021 than i downgrade to 19101 because bugs on 20021 than i update to
3.4 19200 with the Complete maps package and now there are no DAB Logos.

Region: EU
Sync Version: 3.4 19200
I used Manuall download with windows

Can you help me.


For me I used forscan went into modules chose advanced dab enabled it and my station logos came back hope it helps you.

i check Configuration in Forscan this Should be Ok to show logos, but the Logos dont came up.


Try ‘C’ instead of ‘E’

4C04 xx

What was your original value?