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Hi all. I’m French and it’s Google that translates for me, so thank you for being lenient on my English :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing:. I have just acquired a 2022 ford transit custom sport and I would like to know if anyone has found the solution to deactivate the driver’s seat belt unfastened beep. because I searched… I do not find anything….


Google translator did a good job, we can understand you.
But I doubt you will find any information here since you are asking for means to disable a safety feature and even a legal requirement regarding driving a vehicle.

So fasten your seatbelt, and the beep will go away.


thanks for reply. I wear my seat belt regularly except for a very short trip between my home and my business. 500 meters. it is just for this moment that I would like to cut off this alarm. it was possible on all the other vehicles that I had. this should be possible on transit…. bakers, leaflet deliverers proceed from it……out of habit for this kind of professionals the beep is cut off because they get on and off the vehicle over short distances……

This is called Safety Belt Minder and the procedure to switch off the chimes is published in your owner’s manual.

Safety Belts - Safety Belt Minder (

I don’t believe this is what he is referring to, i believe @SaNdMaN is correct and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in some EU countries to disable that.

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I tried this procedure, but it does not work its my transit custom sport 2022. the warning light does not go out… and the procedure does not work. that’s why I was wondering if there was not a procedure with forscan???

I believe you are right. in the 2022 owner’s manual, the procedure is not there…. it is written there to reproach a dealer for doing this…. so there must be a way…

that’s it. I just succeeded. the procedure in the manual of another ford worked…… it was just necessary to dismast the procedure with the belt buckled and not unbuckled as indicated… then put on and take off the belt 3 times, finishing unbuckled…. yes put on and take off again and voila…… all that to do in 30 seconds… anyway thank you for your answers and long live the community :wink::ok_hand::+1:


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