Detailed explanation of autoinstall.lst available?

Is there a full explanation of the command lines in the autoinstall.lst file available?
I’m fairly familiar with the commands and structure of autoinstall.lst, but I still have a few questions which may can answered by the Cyanlabs community or the developers of the Syn3updater, especially when I look to the first and last command line of each “autoinstall.lst” file. I do not have any problems preparing a working autoinstall.lst. I’m just interested in understanding the details:

  1. First Line - What exactly are the differences of:

  2. Last Line - What exactly the commands behind “options” are doing and when which parameter should be used?
    Options = AutoInstall
    Options = Delay,Include,Transaction
    Options = Delay,AutoInstall

May somebody at the Cyanlabs community really know it?
I found out a lot with the trial & error method but not everything. :wink:

Thanks in advance


I am sure there is more to this, but in a nutshell:

  1. The ‘headers’ are simply steps in the installation in the scripting. The real key to this is the 'Option" string at the end of each section, which is the instruction of execution.

  2. This is the 'Option" string at the end of each section. Some of these are defined below:
    Autoinstall - Run the contents of the autoinstall file.
    Delay - does not reboot Sync after installing the AutoInstall package.
    Include and Transaction - For packages that consist of multiple archives and need to be executed in separate sessions.
    Rename - Renames the autoinstall.lst file after the installation.
    SilentInstall - When installed there will be no display at the top line.

I am sure there is more to this…


Wait if rename is a thing whats the point in that new package recently found?

I think it is just another way to do it, but keeps the autoinstall.lst files consistent? Rename is a call to something (script?) to do the rename? I bet that the rename function does not work with what Ford is packaging, so they use the other file?

Hmm, i’ve never even seen the “Rename” function anyway

I have never seen it used. I have never tried it.

The other file, LU5T-14G386-CA, however does work. I’ve tried it on a few installs and on the NA 2.20 maps autoinstall mode, and it prevents the system from running the installation again. I have not gotten it to work with the reformat, however, because at the end of the reformat it requires you to pull the usb before it advances, which defeats the purpose. Maybe the reformat would eventually reboot automatically, but I waited 15 minutes after the green ‘success’ screen and it did not.

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