Difference between F9 Maps

Hello, which diffence exist between F9 EU Old and F9 EU 09/2020 ?
Are the new one fully compatible to 3.4.20136 or is 3.4.20196 required?

Yes they both work, new revision don’t know what has changed.

Just for information, the new F9 maps working perfect with 3.4.20136, installed right now manually (took about one hour)

Hello everyone, does anyone know what difference there is? I have Sync 3.4 20196 + 09 / F9 since Friday and I see no difference. Regards

Did the update on friday.
Only thing I noticed so far is, that a newer residential area, which is close to my house, is now partially on the map, on the old F9 version it wasn’t even there at all.

yeah it’s going to be little tweaks like that, essentially a more updated map database from the supplier