Does the sync3.4 upgrade add remote start and lock/unlock features in the fordpass app if they were not present before?

Hey All. I’ve recently updated my Sync3 with version 2.0 to the latest version of 3.4 via the Syn3 Updater. Does anyone happen to know if the 3.4 version of Sync adds in the function to remote start the vehicle from the FordPass App? I had this on my 2018 F150 that came with Sync 3.0. But my 2017 Expedition came with Sync 2.0 and when I added that vehicle to my FordPass app, the remote start button was not present. When I upgraded the Expedition sync3 from 2.0 to 3.4, should I have gotten that featureset in my fordpass application? Or is that something I would have to add with a firmware update? Many Thanks in advance for the help!


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Okay! Short and straight to the point. Thanks!

The 17 Expedition was a CGEA 1.2 vehicle that had Sync 3. Because it has CGEA 1.2 the Ford Pass features will not work with it. You lack a TCU and the correct network for this it to work.

You can install a TCU but it will not give you these features because of the network. All you will get with a TCU is location tracking. Nothing else will work.

Thank you for the more complete explanation! I can definitely track my 2017 expedition’s location in Fordpass and see service history and such. So I am guessing it has the correct TCU already. I just cannot start/stop or lock and unlock. Again, I really appreciate the extra information thank you!

Interesting you can track it. Ford did not put TCU’s in the Expedition until 2018. According to Fords website you do not have Fordpass in a 2017 Expedition…

Is my vehicle equipped with FordPass Connect?

You could have Ford Smartlink… That would give you lock and start controls though.

Upgrade Connected Features on Your Older-Model Ford with New FordPass SmartLink™, Available Nationwide Mid-2018 | Ford Media Center

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