Downgrade a My20 Vehicle?

I recently upgraded my 2020 Escape (North America) to 3.4.21020 from 3.4.20351, and following that, upgraded to 2020 NA Maps. I’m not happy with this version (seems laggy even after multiple master resets, and even before upgrading the maps). I can upgrade to 3.4.21098, but I would rather go back to the version I had where everything was snappy and Gracenotes was working well (.20351).

I looked for a tutorial/guide but couldn’t find one. I’ve seen comments here and there about My20 and downgrading, but nothing outright.

Is it possible to downgrade a My20 vehicle without a reformat (which would not work)?

You can downgrade between 3.4 versions, because your vehicle already came with 3.4, you can’t downgrade to 3.0 or earlier. You’re not reformatting when downgrading in between builds. I’m not sure what you mean by your system is laggy and slow, and Gracenote isn’t working right. 21020 was an official update that you could’ve downloaded they the Ford update page. There’s a hardware problem here.

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Thanks - is there a minimum version required for 2020 Maps? I would think not, but I know in the US at least, the Maps are rolling out OTA ( :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) after the upgrade to 3.4.21020.

I believe any version on 3.3 or 3.4 should work with it, worse case just update again if it doesn’t :slight_smile:

You can downgrade to Sync 3.2, 3.3, or previous versions of 3.4. The issue you are experiencing is fixed in 3.4.21098. I think you have a less than optimum update…to fix it, you could downgrade to 3.3.19052, then back up to 3.4.21098. Sync 3.4.21020 has bugs…

NA 2.20 maps will work with MY18.5 and above software and hardware. Meaning Sync 3.2+ and MY18.5 and above APIM’s. (Although the maps will work with converted pre-MY18.5 APIM’s with Sync 3.2+, but Ford does not support that.)

Since Ford is pushing map and app updates via OTA in NA, it is very possible you are in line for OTA upgrades if you connect your APIM to your home wireless network. (It won’t work otherwise. The OTA does NOT use the modem.) You don’t need 21020 to get OTA…

Look on the US Ford Owner Website (log in or create an account) and see if you have updates available for your vehicle. If your vehicle is already connected to a network, Ford most likely knows you are on 3.4.21020 already.

Thanks - I have the NA 2.20 maps installed already. I didn’t want to mess up if I downgraded one version. I checked Ford’s site previously and they wouldn’t push 3.4.21020 to me. They said I was up to date on 3.4.19052, though others with NA 2020 Escapes were getting 3.4.21020. I will try the downgrade followed by upgrade pathway.

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