Downgrade from sync3.4 to v3 or 3.2

I install sync3 v3. 4 but I don’t like it. Because It did not contain changes better than the previous version, especially the colors of the screen, day and night, and the backgrounds are not of an advanced nature, so is it possible to revert to the old version3.2 or 3??

No as per the details on the website you can not go back. You can change to 3.2 but no lower

How can I revert to the 3.3 version ?? And if you allow sending pictures showing the general appearance of version 3.3, is it different from the version of 3.4 ?? Which is more beautiful 3.3 or 3.4 ??

I see nothing wrong with 3.4 and to go to 3.3 you need to downgrade using the downgrade option and then go to 3.3 after.

How do I know that the sync system on my car contains navigation?
If I send to you VIN number, can you determine??

Do you have maps? If not then it isn’t.

No maps appears on the screen.
How can I add this option… By software or hardware??

Replacement sync 3 (APIM)

I am sorry for annoying you.
If I want to buy the APIM and receive it in Jordan??
Can you help me??
How much does it cost ،if you can help me?!

Yes that is an APIM, i have no spare APIM’s so you can source one locally.

Do you have an idea about the price, even roughly ??

Not in your country, how would i possibly know that?

I ask in USA and the price in US DOLLARS.

I am not from the USA and do not use US DOLLARS so i still do not know.


In doing this, will the unit go back to stock meaning will it be able to get regular Ford Sync updates?

No it will not. Well it depends what version you had originally

Thanks for quick response. Went from 3.3 19052 to 3.4 19274. Just wondering if going back to 3.3 19052 would allow for Ford updates like normal.

Yes, and likely staying on 3.4 also would

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@CyanLabs Thank you for all your help. I followed your post on!

@CyanLabs, sorry for my ignorance, but what is the reason we are not able to downgrade to version lower than 3.3 ? I think somewhere I’ve read lower than 3.2 is not possible so I’m not sure what’s the truth now ? I’ve downloaded all IVSU’s for my current SYNC 3.0 version so I wonder if it’s not possible to force it somehow manually or via forscan ? I would like to have this possibility in case I’ll encounter any problems with 3.4 since 3.0 works pretty flawless. Thank you.