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I own a 2016 Ford F150. I originally used CyanLabs and updated from Sync 3 v2.0.16074 to Sync 3 v3.4.20351 thinking it was the fix to get Apple Carplay working. I enjoyed the new look and feel however the buttons on my steering wheel for volume and search are not working properly. I also quickly realized that I needed to upgrade the USB ports for CarPlay (which was a cinch). Since then I have been trying to downgrade back to v2.0.16074. The lowest the Syn3 Updater will take me is 3.3.19052. Does this mean I’m stuck? My buttons are still messed up in this version. At this point I’d love to get back to the factory recommended.

Your buttons are not an issue caused by this, your asbuilt is likely incorrect.

As clearly mentioned in many places on you can not downgrade below 3.2

Guess that is where I am getting lost in the … revisions. I thought I was on 3.2.16074 originally. What do you mean by asbuilt? It’s not like there are a lot of options to “tick” when creating the USB.

I see now. I would need to use ForScan to reprogram my APIM. My only other option is to live with it or replace the APIM altogether. Guess I should have understood the repercussions prior to hacking Sync with this software. Costly mistake I suppose and another life lesson.

Here’s my opinion: changing the APIM is a step back, since you would still need to change the USB hub, unless you manage to find an APIM with the same version you want, and it’s configured like yours.

OBD2 scanners are not that expensive, and changing AsBuilt is not hard. What do you have to loose?.

If all that “fails”, you will end up with an adapter that will enable you changing other things to your car… And, if not needed, you can sell it…

Again, it’s up to you, but I’m not sure I would go straight to the new APIM, I would consider other options first.

Thanks Sandman. Where can I learn about programming the APIM using ForScan, specifically the configurations of the steering controls? Sifting through pages of Forums is cumbersome especially trying to find something specific to my vehicle.

I can help you with the steering wheel controls once you have an adapter and FORScan. Read this tutorial by Livinitup at This will be a good starting point, you need to know how the program works first and foremost.

The usb hub you need is HC3Z-19A387-E (BLUE BACKLIGHTING) Ford (Wide 2 USB-A Port)

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Guess I should have understood the repercussions prior to hacking Sync with this software. Costly mistake I suppose and another life lesson.

Again none of this is caused by updating your SYNC, it’s to do with incorrect AsBuilt.

Not sure why it would have worked properly before then.

I’m not aware of any changes in asbuilt relating to steering wheels between 2.0 and 3.2+ so neither am i to be honest

Awesome thanks. I ordered a USB dongle and see if I can compare what I find here

Unless it’s a hardware fault tweaking the AsBuilt will definitely fix your issue

take a look at As-Built Database - CyanLabs also :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. Let you know how it goes when my USB adapter gets here.

@jaschultzy ,

Just following up to see if you were able to fix the issue…

It ended up being the steering module. Once swapped my buttons are working properly. Thanks.

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Nice timing for it to fail!.

As said before, it was not likely to be a Sync related issue.

Agreed. Thanks to those who have contributed.

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