Downgrade Sync 3: Version 3.4 -> 2.2 -> Latest 3.0

Hello friends,

I set up a test bench and connected it to an APIM Sync 3 NAV, Region ANZ, part number HP5T-14G371-DAG. I updated the module to the latest available version of the 3.4 build.

This apim is dated December 2016 and I noticed that the general functioning is OK but the operation of the functions is slow. I would like to downgrade to the latest build 3.0 but in researching the possibility, I saw that I cannot do this directly.

I would have to downgrade to version 2.2 and only then apply the version 3.0 I want to go, but I couldn’t get that to work. The Syn3 updater helps a lot but since the 3.0 versions are not on the list, it probably shouldn’t be possible to do it in an easy way.

Could anyone here who has already managed to downgrade this share something so I can return my APIM to version 3.0?

A note: I would also like to keep the maps up to date or have an alternative method to only update the maps, which in the case for the ANZ region is currently at 2.20.

The older units (2016-17) are just slower, due to older hardware.
You cannot go back to Sync 3.0 once you have reformatted to 3.2+.
Sync 3.0 and 3.2+ maps are not compatible. Also, ANZ maps are licensed.
You can downgrade the software (Sync app) to 3.2 or 3.3 to get the old look.

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I think you have misread here, you can not go to 3.0 or below (this includes 2.2) once you are on 3.2 or above


Thank you for your feedback. I had doubts after reading the reports on this link:

What motivated me to investigate this possibility further was what I saw below:

“2.2 was the last version without a version check built in. You can always go back to 2.2 or older. But if you have 3.4 you would not be able to go back to 3.0 for example, as 3.0 has a version check built in, which doesn’t allow for downgrading the software. You could go back from 3.4 to 2.2, and then go from 2.2 to whatever version you want.”

He is wrong and i have replied to the reddit post to clarify that

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The version checks have nothing to do with the upgrade to 3.4 from 3.0 or vice versa. Version checks only exist in the Ford Packaged updates, which were never intended to allow updates to unsupported hardware. The advice in the mentioned thread is wrong due to lack of knowledge how the update structure and process works.


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