Download freezing


Not sure if this is the right place to post but it seemed right…

I am trying to download sync 3.4.20136 using the downloader version but it keeps freezing, (screenshot attached). I have tried a couple of times (deleting all folders and reinstalling before retrying) but it never finishes.

I read in another thread about trying the previous version of the downloader which I did and I ended up with a folder full of zip files (which I assume is correct) but it didnt put them on the USB.


also, just to check…

Do i need to unzip the files?
should there be an install.exe if I am using the downloader?
Will this give me the onscreen climate control ?

and is it okay for my ford focus st line 2017…

sorry for all the questions…


All versions of FordSyncDownloader will download Tar.Gz files not ZIP files.

There is no install.exe but older versions of FordSyncDownloader will still do the standard install.

The download code hasn’t really changed so i don’t see how using a older version will fix the download stopping issue

Climate control will depend on the current state, its impossible to know. try it if it doesn’t you can add it via ForScan

It will work on EVERY Sync 3 car.

Thank you for the reply.

So what do you suggest, I try again with ? the previous version gave me zip files… I am not really sure what to try now :frowning:

Should I try and download the previous version of sync?

I have no idea what you mean by “gave me zip files” it definitely didn’t. If you have winrar it may look like zip files but they are still tar.gz files.

I got these and it says winzip.

I understand what you have said about winrar however they are .tar not tar.gz ??


No they are tar.gz windows hides extensions by default but won’t hide doublel extensions. Use the latest version with those files and you should be good.

ok, I will try that

thank you

Have you tried disabling your anti-virus program - I had some challenges with Windows Defender.

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I am going to try later with the files I have, if it doesnt work I will start again tomorrow and check defender is off.

thanks for the info

Alternatively, try modifying the computer drive in which the system is downloading files. For example modify the download location from C: to F: or which drive you are using:)

And to clarify don’t set the download path as the same as the usb drive