Downloading Sync 3 to 3.4 update to PC before USB?

Please bear with me as I am a newbie and not sure what I am doing. Story is my factory sync has been very slow to respond for some time. I downloaded the Cyan labs updater a couple of months ago, filled in the info for my vehicle from the sync screen, tried to install on a usb and got a message saying something about the path and destination could not be the same. Did not pursue any further and just took my vehicle to the dealer this week to see what they could do. They attempted to update the software and ended up saying I would have to replace the module at $1100. Before I spend that much money I wanted to pursue this route again.

So, I deleted the cyan labs installer on my pc and downloaded and installed again. The fields where it previously asked me for the version I had, etc are no longer present. The only thing it asked for was version I wanted, whether I wanted maps, and location I was in. So, I am wondering it the previous information I provided back on OCT was still somewhere on my computer since I no longer see those questions being prompted?

I am in the process of downloading all the files to my PC. After they are copied, can I transfer everything over to a USB drive? It’s been running for several hours now and still not completed. And is there a way I can verify if I have the correct software since it no longer wants my version info?

Go to the settings tab, please refer to our syn3updater documentation

Files are downloaded to computer first, verified, then copied to USB and verified again.

EDIT: it’s unclear if you are downloading the files manually or via Syn3 Updater currently, if via Syn3 Updater and you pressed “Start” not “Download Only” then they will be transferred to the USB and the relevant install scripts generated automagically.

Let us know if you need more help…

If you already have the files on the computer, you can start Syn3 Updater and copy the files to the Syn3Updater folder under Downloads. The Syn3 Updater will use the files once verified good.

Thanks for the information. I abandoned the computer download so I could verify the information in the setting tab (which I didn’t notice down below)

Also saw the directory locations for downloading. Set the download and logs for a directory on the computer, then was able to use start on the other page and send configuration to the USB.

So, got message that the usb was ready to be removed and installed in vehicle. Will try that tomorrow and post back what happens. I’m hoping that it will save me an $1100 for a module replacement. Also uploaded the installation files but have no idea of where they are at here.

Thanks for the assistance. Hoping for good results!

The software update to the vehicle finished in just over 26 minutes and it appears to be working perfectly best I can tell. Quick response, got phone connected,

I used the newest version maps and on the automatic software updates, I turned it off. Should I leave the auto update on> I just didn’t want for something to corrupt the new install.

It amazes me that the dealer could not update the device and said I would have to replace the module for $1100.

Thanks for the assistance. In hindsight it was easy to do but not clear going in.

If you are manually updating the Sync system, it is best to turn off auto updates. Of course, since this is on a 2017 vehicle that is now updated to Sync 3.4, you will never get any updates thru OTA.anyways.

I was thinking that Ford wouldn’t provide updates but thought I’d ask here anyway.

Thanks for the help!

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